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Why People Trust RV Counselling


Relationship Counseling


Child and Adolescent Counseling


Educational Counseling

About RV Counselling

Dr. Roopali Virk, Ph.D started RV counseling with her academic excellence.

She scored the highest grades during her Bachelors’ and Masters’ from Delhi University. Her doctoral research has been on Parenting and Adolescents. Over the years she has completed several programs and earned diplomas to be able to scientifically guide her patients.

We deal with various clinical conditions such as depression, ADHD, OCD, anxiety, ASD, and more. We provide a safe environment to our clients to open up and discuss anything that is bothering them. Our USP is being there for you when you feel alone in a safe and private manner such that you feel comfortable and heard. We partner with you in your care and help with treatment measures that come up as a result of a collaboration of doctor and client.


Years Experience in Consulting.

Our Services

We’ve Big Opportunity

Couple’s Therapy

We will begin by introducing our methods and making you feel comfortable in sharing your heart out with us.

Divorce: Before and After

We at RV counseling try several interventions before we explore the idea of divorce.

Child Counseling

Child Counselling is an effective way to support children or adolescents who may be struggling at school or with friends or other relationships.

Handling Exam Anxiety

All types of consulting service It is a long established fact that reader.

Career Counselling

Career Counselling helps in the proper choice of career and minimizes the mismatch between aptitude and employment.

OCD Counselling

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a chronic disorder where a person has uncontrollable, obsessions and behaviors.


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